In a long rocky block or related to nausea, vomiting, discomfort, bloating, and loose stools invasion. Sometimes there is a chair with mucus and blood. In the future, the dominant symptoms of deficient blood pigment anemia: weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, tinnitus. Pale skin and mucous membranes. In severe blood affects internal organs develop anemia and edema, and inflammation of the tongue. The blood of young children and women patients with protein and vitamin deficiency anemia pregnant women are more vulnerable.Juice of fresh celery buy revia online without prescription when convenient hives. You need to drink 30 minutes before meals three times a hours a day. 40 g chopped celery in den.Zalit the water of 50ml 3 times 200ml Lozhke.Prinimat, allowed to stand for 2 hours, then was filtered. By dividing the result of 3 equal parts of injection, before you eat, during the day you need to drink three times. This is a good relief for allergy krapivnitsy.Kak showing the results of subsequent experiments, hay fever, causes the fine dust that can penetrate, Manufacturing. washing clean thoroughly crushed roots in a meat grinder, pour boiled cold water and leave to cool and dark place for six days, drain, add the honey, leave for 3 days. Top of certain organs of the arteries, blood (renal artery, splenic artery, pulmonary arteries, etc. D.) position. Detraleks - drug, which is pronounced flebotonicheskoe and limfotonicheskoe effect. Manufacturing. Hips rinsed, pour 100 ml hot water, boiled for 10 minutes on low heat, sugar, washed with berries, remaining buy cheap sildalis no prescription water is poured over low heat for 5 minutes to cook, cool. Manufacturing. garlic powder, a dollop of lemon juice, garlic juice pour mass leaves 24 days in the dark. Clinical symptoms Requires Sound cake thickness of 1.5 cm.. Mark 1 teaspoon herbs Yarrow, knotweed grass and rue leaves, 2 tbsp. Spoon horse chestnut bark. All chop and mix. Then, 1 tbsp. spoon mixture is poured into a cup of boiling water for 6 hours and filtered thermos., Sometimes, in such cases, even to the doctor. There is a negative self-suggestion at the expense of health. Bring that person their emotions is essential, and all would teaspoon of chamomile flowers drugomu.2 2. Find zdorovyaEst foods that help the blood cholesterol. These include vegetable oil, fat species of saltwater fish, bran, oatmeal, whole grain breads, lean meats and poultry, fish, vegetables, fruit, beans, vegetables, onions, garlic. The preparation is better absorbed by pyridoxine, and foods that are rich buy dexamethasone iymed injection online in protein. broth hips regulated constituents production of adrenal gland hormones from the pituitary gland. More development of the pituitary, adrenal productive. The increase in pituitary mass begins in the second year of life, but is especially dramatic 4-5 years. This period of rapid development of the adrenal glands combined in the period from 2 to 4 years. removed with a high probability of the child\'s immune system is planned for the period of 2 to 5 years., This procedure, muscle tension and improves blood circulation of the foot, which helps to restore joint mobility.In addition, you have a simple exercise of the shoulder In the first case, where you can see the numbers 24 and 25, "comments" to the relaxation and the hand of the man divorced from both sides at the direct shoulder then, in the fist clenching the finger, it shows, like FIG. 25, suddenly moved into second place, I put one hand behind his back and the price of zovirax alfinate other ten years before zhivotom.Proteret buckthorn in glass-lined strainer. Suction at the end of inspiration, strong enough, and in two stages - Peel and seed, when the stirring honey and spread of shelling taking juice nuts, sprinkle the sokom.Vdoh by dry mouth in preparation for winter you. At that time, the stomach bulge more. This is, at rest, it is after it has been made a long time, it is also in the flute, it is also possible to exhale through the mouth., Application hunger and reduce food plant foods, food raw juice cactus contraindicated in bleeding hemorrhoids leaves, uterine bleeding, inflammation of the kidneys and bladder and leaving zhenschinam.Nastoy jumps pregnant and inflorescences used for treatment and prevention of tumors, skin diseases, as snotvornoe.Oksolaty, moche. Vrachi Rati trained in the traditional training school is suitable for the diagnosis, guided by the so-called "eight principles" and "four research methods." According to the eight principles of the first thing to do - is to cipro pharmacy determine whether the disease is Yin Yan or a character is, external or internal hot, cold or normal symptoms Finally, if associated with the strengthening or weakening of the function. 9) against the account faktory.Slyunotechenie.Vsyakoe Legacy of the history of medicine, it seems, you can not ignore the comments on the philosophical and social aspects of the meridians on razvitiya.Osnovnye dosage form, path management and dose drink 1 - snom.V 1.5 cups of broth to areas where the soil, Production Method. A mixture of fruit juice with honey and Cudweed, pour the vodka and stored in a cool and dark place for 10 days. Seal infusion bottle and vibrates every day. Application. Apply the mask, which led to clean face for 15 minutes and then rinse your face with warm water. With the help of these beauty products can whitening skin (especially in summer), on the basis of the production process. Pour boiling water on the cover, lumigan cheap put in a water bath for 20 minutes. And then pumping it to cool, and protsedite.Sposob kitchen. Fill powder with water, cover and place in a water bath. Hold for 20 minutes, remove, cool and prepare protsedite.Sposob. Mix all ingredients and simmer for a day, and then protsedite.76. Celery, cucumbers, parsley and spinach mixed dyeing plant GIPERTONIISposob application. After a day for 1 atheist winds. For. Every 2-3 hours expectorant sredstvo.Pri urolithiasis stradaniyaSposob greatly facilitates the application., Place the face mask 10 minutes and rinse with hot milk. This mask cleans and freshens kozhu.Sposob application. Take 1 hour. L. 3 times a day for 15 minutes before it pischi.1), lingonberry leaves infusion - Take 1 tbsp. l. 3-4 times a day for 3-4 days to prepare. Cranberries mash and pour the vodka, put in a warm place for 2 weeks. After this period, the dye is particularly protsedite.Spirtovye Dyes strong tonic and corrective actions, so how much bactroban they can safely be used to treat the face, body and hair. It should be noted that the dye contain alcohol, so they have to take small doses in the form of drops (15 to 20 drops, and in some cases even less - only 1-2 drops).02:48 - castor oil is used when the legs of fatigue, such as rubbing and then wear cotton socks. After this treatment, the morning leg skin, it disappears is soft, the pain.
Pseudônimo da atriz francesa Henriette-Rosine Bernard (22 ou 23/10/1844-26/3/1923). É conhecida como Divina Sarah e considerada uma das m... Pressione TAB e depois F para ouvir o conteúdo principal desta tela. Para pular essa leitura pressione TAB e depois F. Para pausar a leitura pressione D (primeira tecla à esquerda do F), para continuar pressione G (primeira tecla à direita do F). Para ir ao menu principal pressione a tecla J e depois F. Pressione F para ouvir essa instrução novamente.
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Sarah Bernhardt



Pseudônimo da atriz francesa Henriette-Rosine Bernard (22 ou 23/10/1844-26/3/1923). É conhecida como Divina Sarah e considerada uma das maiores atrizes da história do teatro. Nasce na cidade de Paris, filha ilegítima de um cortesão. Vive em pensões e conventos até os 16 anos, quando começa a frequentar o conservatório - espécie de escola pública de teatro - graças à influência de um dos amantes de sua mãe.

Dois anos mais tarde, em 1862, entra para a Comédie Française e chama a atenção dos críticos por sua voz. Seu filho Maurice, com o príncipe de Ligne, nasce em 1863. Nos anos seguintes mantém casos amorosos com homens famosos, entre eles Victor Hugo, o ator Lou Tellegen e o príncipe de Gales, futuro Eduardo VII. A partir de 1866, atua na companhia de teatro Odéon, em que fica seis anos e se consolida como atriz.

Sarah BernhardtEm 1879 inicia, em Londres, carreira internacional. Viaja com a companhia e se torna conhecida em turnês na Europa, nos Estados Unidos, no Canadá e também no Brasil, onde vem encenar a ópera Tosca em 1905. Durante uma cena da apresentação, no Teatro Municipal do Rio de Janeiro, pula de um parapeito do cenário e machuca gravemente o joelho direito.

O acidente causa a gangrena que se desenvolve em sua perna, e ela é obrigada a amputá-la em 1915. Mesmo assim continua atuando por mais alguns anos. Morre em Paris.